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Diabetes + hormonal disturbances



Endocrinology observes diabetes and the diseases of all other hormone producing organs (e.g. thyroid gland, hypophysis, suprarenal glands, gonads). This also includes changes in the bone metabolism (e.g. osteoporosis) as well as fertility disorders.



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Laboratory medicine


The functions of most organs and their interaction can be assessed with blood test results. For this, blood samples are conserved separately (that is why blood is taken and put into different test tubes), usually centrifuged and then analyzed automatically. Most of this is done at the own practice facilities or at an external laboratory. In very particular cases, the blood samples are taken to and assessed at specialized laboratories.



Samples can be tested for a wide range of issues, which is why a precise decision of what to test for needs to be taken – also for cost efficiency reasons. There are well-established standards for this, in particular in the case of laboratory tests for a preventive check up. PKD and its laboratory follow the respective recommendations issued by the policlinics at Universitätsklinik Frankfurt.

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PKD am Städel · Praxisklinik für Diagnostik    MVZ am Stäedel · Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum    Praxis Schröter

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PKD am Städel · Praxisklinik für Diagnostik

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