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Sleep medicine (PG, PSG)



Sleeping makes up an essential part of our everyday life. It is a highly active process, especially for our brains.



To wake up relaxed after a good night’s sleep we need to go through different successive stages while sleeping. If this process is disturbed and fragmented, we will first experience some rather unspecific symptoms, such as fatigue during the day or falling asleep momentarily, a loss of energy, a lack of concentration, etc. Advanced stages can lead to metabolic disturbances, overweight, high blood pressure and mental disorders. All of these symptoms can be experienced by the patient even while he is not really awake, literally speaking. With an EEG, however, we can screen the brain waves that cause reactions that will make us wake up.


Typical causes of fragmented sleep are heavy snoring, pauses in breathing during the night as well as unwanted spasms of the patient’s legs (the restless legs syndrome).

With its facilities, its technical equipment and its staff, PKD offers comprehensive possibilities to clarify respiratory dysfunctions related to sleep and other causes of fragmented sleep. In most cases, the examination will begin with an ambulatory screening (at home). If there is, however, any indication of a severe form of a respiratory dysfunction, a second-stage screening in the sleep laboratory will be recommended.

Ambulatory screenings in sleep medicine (PG)

  • An experienced somnologist will take the patient’s medical history and inform in detail about the ambulatory screening.
  • The patient will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and hand it over to the responsible somnologist. This has proven to be a useful tool.
  • The sleep screening, a so-called cardiorespiratory polygraphy (PG), can then easily be done at home. The patient will be briefed in detail about how to handle the screening device.
  • A detailed findings report will contain the screening results and the symptoms as described by the patient. Recommendations on how to proceed will be given at the end of the report.

Screenings in sleep medicine (PS) at sleep laboratory

  • A polysomnography screening (PSG) may be necessary after a PG, which will then be done at PKD sleep laboratory and yield comprehensive data to the somnologist. In particular, a sleep EEG is recorded so that the clinical effect of sleeping disorders (e.g. breathing interruptions) can directly be detected from the arousals of the brain. Knowing about how and how often these disorders (such as breathing interruptions) appear, will help decide on potential therapies. The patient will get a comprehensive findings report with recommendations and discuss the results with the somnologist.
  • The rooms at PKD sleep laboratory – with spacious bathrooms, air condition and sophisticated business hotel standards – will make the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible without giving a feeling of being admitted to hospital. An experienced sleep laboratory night-shift team will take care of the patients. They will apply the measurement electrodes, supervise the recording of the screening and, of course, be available for any questions.


For further information on this topic, please read our newsletter on "Sleeping disorders / Snoring".

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